Andiamo flooring is 100% wood and will aesthetically enhance your home to produce a stylish finish. Designed to be installed as either a fixed or floating system, Andiamo flooring can be laid directly over underfloor heating and is fast and easy to install.


  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Hard-Wearing &
  • 3 Tier Construction
  • Snap Lock
  • Resistant to Change in Temperature & Moisture
  • 100% Wood

100% WOOD

Wooden floorboards are more durable than any synthetic imitation. They are non-static & therefore do not attract dust or mites, making them a perfect solution for allergy sufferers. Wooden floorboards provide perfect soundproofing, and due to their ability to absorb humidity, they regulate microclimate of the room.



Multi-layered coating with a UV-hardened lacquer system protects the floor against abrasion, dirt and micro-scratches.

  • - High aesthetic and practical value
  • - Easy to care for and keep clean
  • - Not allergenic
  • - High abrasion resistance
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  • - Unique appearance
  • - Warm to the touch
  • - Anti-static surface
  • - Easy ongoing care and maintenance
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View of 5G Locking system
  • - Quick and easy installation
  • - No mess during installation
  • - Can be installed in a floating system
  • - Can be used with underfloor heating
View of Click-In system
  • - Floor is immediately ready to use
  • - Strong and lasting joints
  • - Easy dismantling
  • - Can be dismantled and laid again.


The Environments wellbeing are paramount values of the brand. It is in nature where we find inspiration and find the materials for manufacturing. Out of concern for it that we conduct a variety of environmental programmes


For every pack of floorboards sold a tree is planted. Currently nearly 12,000,000 trees are growing.

The raw materials used in production of our floorboards are derived exclusively from sustainable forestry areas. This is confimed by the Forest Stewardship Council® Certificate.