Specialising in custom made designs, Andiamo offer our client’s superior glass products to suit the client’s needs. Using advanced technology, Melbourne Safety Glass now specialise in a revolutionary design ‘DigiKote’, a revolutionary design to transpose high quality images onto glass that creates a luminous design space.


Melbourne Safety Glass offer 9 types of glass that can create atmospheric designs to suit the space for your project:

Annealed – Created by melting sand, soda ash, dolomite and limestone, this type of glass produces a continuous glass ribbon specially used in Double Glazing insulations.

Toughened – Produced by placing glass in a toughening furnace, glass is heated and then quickly cooled allowing the glass to keep high compressive stresses. By doing this method it increases the glass thermal and mechanical strength where heat resistant can reach up to 250C

Heat Strengthened – This glass method adds strength of ordinary glass becoming more resistant to thermal breakage. Used primarily in building spandrel areas due to its flatter than fully toughened glass. Glass can resist temperature differential of up to 180C

Laminated – Perfect solution for dividing rooms or space and can be used as a stand-alone feature, applications can be viewed from both sides. Can come in three forms of glass, LamKote, LamKote Tough & Mirror Safe.

Clear – The most used glass type which is clear to look through, can inherent a green tinge due to the iron material in the glass.

Starphire – Best used for backed glass where colour accuracy is needed, optically clear glass with lower iron content giving it less of a green tinge.

Tinted – For partitioning, shower screens, doors or sidelights, Textured glass enhances a new look to your desired room. Available in a range of thicknesses from 3mm to 7mm that will depend on pattern selected.

Textured – For partitioning, shower screens, doors or sidelights, Textured glass enhances a new look to your desired room. Available in a range of thicknesses from 3mm to 7mm that will depend on pattern selected.

Frosted – Frosted glass produces a milky white frost appearance which can provide privacy.


Splash backs can be printed with any design supplied and are also available in flat or metallic finishes.
Frameless and Semi-frameless shower screens are visually sleek and deliver the illusion of greater space. Minimal fittings and fixtures add value to your bathroom and allow for effortless cleaning and maintenance.
DigiKote has revolutionised the way we perceive and utilize glass. Full colour and high resolution images, photographs and logos can now be printed directly onto glass, producing a superior permanent finish.

DigiKote is brilliant for creating visually exciting designs that are individualised by your own creativity and imagination.
Glass balustrades will enhance your home, garden, office or pool area with the elegance of design and minimalist appearance. Offering safety and protection, they are strong and durable, and provide wind resistance.
A Double Glaze Unit (DGU) is made up of 2 sheets of glass with a spacer in between. Any type of glass can be incorporated in a DGU provided it has at least one relatively flat surface. The introduction of argon gas into the air space has significantly improved the performance of the DGU.
Laminated glass has developed over the years and is now a phenomenal product. After extensive research and testing, MSG has concluded that almost anything can be encapsulated between glasses. Fabric, wall paper and coloured film are among the most popular choices.
Available in various colours, edge working, shapes and sizes, our mirrors are custom made to suit your design.
Sliding doors are the perfect choice when space is at a premium. Customers now have the ability to create their own personalised doors, with a photo or image printed on the glass using DigiKote.
Imagine floor-to-ceiling curved feature windows that allow you to take in spectacular views. Furthermore, imagine curved glass walls, partitions, balustrades and shower screens that add style and functionality to your home or office, and offer a solution to difficult design layouts.


Melbourne Safety Glass can measure, quote and install for any project size whether it be commercial or residential, they have the experience and technical knowledge to insure that your requirements are meet.

Please contact us for an obligation free measure and quote


Our dedicated specialists work closely with industry experts to ensure we know all the technical aspects from supplying and manufacturing to installing our glass. No matter how big or small the project is, Andiamo can arrange to service all areas in and out of Melbourne. For a further look inside our capabilities for glass processing and edge work finishes, see below for further information.

Full Glass Processing Capabilities
We offer a wide range of dimensions for our glass, to view our processing capabilities please click the following link.

*Please note; not all information is documented on file. For further enquiries please speak to our specialists for further information.

Edge work
Designed to finish off the edges of the glass surface, edge work is commonly produced in four classic styles; Flat Polish Profile, Bevel Edge Profile, Miter Profile & Pencil Polish Profile. Please contact us for any other requirements.

  • Flat Polish

  • Bevel Edge

  • Pencil Polish

  • Miter