Impresa House combine advanced CNC technologies and innovative Australian building design skills, engineering the world-class, prefabricated buildings of the future, today.

Hi-tech machinery allows for greater precision with every detail crafted to your exact specifications, delivering vastly improved structural, thermal and acoustic properties engineered specifically for the harsh and demanding Australian climate.

Manufactured offsite, the panelised wall system can increase construction speeds by up to 50%.

More sustainable and flexible enough to accommodate almost any residential or commercial design, Impresa House are rethinking construction processes from the ground up.


Our panelised building system is more efficient, more sustainable and flexible enough to accommodate almost any
Residential or Commercial design. We’re rethinking our construction processes from the ground up.

  • Reduced margins

    Reduced margins

    Minimised work on-site means our homes can be erected faster and more efficiently and a more rapid time to lock-up means fewer suppliers to pay, less material wastage, fewer weather delays and greater workplace safety.

  • Reduced margins

    Higher energy ratings

    Customise energy efficiency from the ground up – Impresa House can deliver 8-star energy ratings with every sustainable, eco-friendly element accounted for in the design stage.

  • Reduced margins

    Accuracy and precision

    With state-of-the-art CNC machinery and more controlled construction comes millimetre-perfect builds with greater quality control.

  • Reduced margins

    Year-round construction and
    reduced onsite delays

    In factory pre-fabrication means no more bad weather constraints for homebuilders, who can now build how they want, when they want.

  • Reduced margins

    Advanced production

    More accurate cost estimations and greater fixed costs reduce potential variations and allow for streamlined project management on-site to ensure higher build quality.

  • Reduced margins

    Quality & Excellence

    Only the highest grade materials are selected for each construction element to guarantee enhanced structural output and insulation properties and all materials comply with Australian Standards.

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We’re harnessing the power of new technologies to prefabricate home designs so you can build your
development faster and more efficiently, saving more time and money.

  • Your Design
  • Manufacture Time 1-3 Days
  • On -Site Assembly 3 -7 Days
  • Your Development

*Manufacture and assembly times vary depending on size and design of projects, as well as our current production schedule

You’ve never seen prefab like this before. We’re introducing the
world’s most advanced construction technologies to the
Australian market.

Panelised prefabricated construction has proven successful all around the world and we’re building on this proven technology to bring you cutting-edge construction solutions that combine the very best of modern and traditional building techniques.

External Walls

The external wall is designed to maximise thermal and dynamic insulation. Over-engineering the frame and external cladding allows for a comprehensive system and barrier from external elements. This energy efficient enhancement also pays dividends in reduced heating and cooling costs after completion. Internal and external bracing of the frame has additional key advantages. You will no longer have to look for studs to hang fittings and the overall rigidity of the structure is enhanced.

Internal Walls

Internal walls are again designed to produce thermal and acoustic barriers between rooms and opposing sections of the house. Bracing with OSB panels to the frame eases additional fit out options and increases the property’s overall structural capabilities.

Roof Ceiling

All roofing designs and approaches can be incorporated within the Impresa House solution. Flat roofs and truss elements can be designed to provide feature sections or allow for overall cover. Cassettes sections are delivered to the project site and craned into place to reduce installation timeframes. All services and insulations can be considered with each independent roofing section and a comprehensive design for any project incorporated.


Traditional concrete slabs are completely insulated internally and around the perimeter to provide an absolute thermal barrier. This significantly reduces energy loss, achieves dynamic advantages, minimises the impact of external vibrations and delivers further savings after completion.

Intermediate Floors

Traditional posi-strut systems are used in cassette formats to optimise construction times and allow for complete service runs. Insulation is added to further provide controlled thermal transition throughout the property. Acoustic and dynamic insulation is applied to the surface of intermediate floors to allow for total noise control from one level to the next. These enhanced benefits increase sustainability and overall satisfaction for every project.

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PANEL Construction

Building with wood offers many advantages compared to alternative materials. Timber is versatile, cost effective and sustainable.

  • - Wood has strong sound dampening properties unlike concrete that will reflect sound.
  • - Reduced foundation requirements due to above ground structure being lighter.
  • - Construction completed at about one third of the time of concrete
  • - Building with timber produces a low carbon footprint and is a renewable resource
  • OSB (Internal bracing)
  • Vapour Membrane
  • Plasterboard
  • Insulation
  • Timber Frame
  • OSB (external bracing)
  • Cladding
  • Facade Finish

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Small or large scale developments,
Impresa House will have The Solution For You

New manufacturing techniques enables Impresa to produce pre-fabricated custom-designs that have outstanding energy efficiency.

The constructions are built with our state-of-the-art CNC machinery and programmed by our qualified architects and draftsmen. The result is a higher quality construction built in a third of the time. With a construction height of 25m, the design possibilities are endless.

Here is an example of an
Impresa House being
constructed to lock
up in 3 Days ...
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Melbourne-based Impresa House source their CNC plant and machinery from German manufacturer Weinmann - a world leader in powerful construction equipment, systems and customer-focused design. Their innovative new software can accurately calculate the exact materials needed for each project, reducing waste, maximising build efficiency and minimising costs.


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